The Drywall Process

There is a process to correctly install drywall. Please read and browse the photos below to see the different stages from beginning to completion.

First we ‘hang’, or install the sheets. “Sheet Rock” is a brand name, like Kleenex. Let’s call it ‘Rock’. Notice the screw pattern and also note the screws are set at the right depth. Not too deep, because if the paper is ripped through, the screw has done no good. That layer of paper is the structure that holds it in place. Screw guns are awesome. (Drill slingers take note.) If the screw is hanging out of the rock, that will need to be turned in. Oh, my aching wrist… 1-1/4 inch screws are sufficient thank you. Yes, even for the 5/8″ on the ceiling, we call the ‘lid’.

One of the photos shows how we take the time to vee the joints out. ‘Butt’ joints are those that are at the 4-foot height. The “flat’ or the recessed edge is the length of the sheet. All joints are checked for imperfections and cut out with a utility knife. We refer to that as cleaning.

A crucial point most tapers do not do (however the book tells us this is the way it should be done) is that all joints should be filled with a fast-setting, powder-form mud called “Durabond”. Another USG product, it is recommended by the manufacturer as “joint reinforcement”. I cannot stress how vital this step is to a lasting job. If this step is skipped, in time, those joints will ‘pop’ which usually occurs in less than two years.

If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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